Racine du Mouvement

Private escape with Catherine Palmier

1. Choose a week or a weekend

2. Book your flight

3. Pack your suitcases

The Private Escape

Do you feel the need to escape the winter, your daily routine, or to be on an island to work on your mouvement and dance?

A break from winter to take time to work on your dance and body privately, and enjoy the beautiful beaches, rivers and rain forest of Puerto Rico.


You will stay in a two bedroom apartment in the charming and historical city of Old San Juan.


10 hours of private classes or more per week, if you are escaping a week or more, and 5 hours or more for a weekend escape.

Choose your dance studio as you please: beach, river, castle, port, etc or indoor.

Class topic

Blues dance, Franklin Method, African dance, Contemporary, Salsa, or Bachata pick your topics and build your curriculum.


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