Because everyone deserve to feel and know, they can travel, expend, connect, create without limits, feel at home, and Om within their body.



Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico


How does it work?


Catherine Palmier will invite you to her home and offer you a minimum of 10 hrs per week of outdoors private movement/dance classes and tones of free time for you to discover more of yourself as you explore the city, process your classes, journal, or to move more.


Catherine Palmier


Assists individuals to unleash one's own authentic movement offering guided explorations to refine one's dance using grounded organic movement, effortless power and fluid grace.


With over 10 years of professional dance experience, academic dance training in Paris, the Guinea, Conakry, Senegal, Burkina Faso, U.S.A and knowledge of multiple styles of dance, Catherine skillfully and with a keen movement sensibility helps dancers discover the origin and understanding of their own personal movement. She draws from performance concepts, emotions, visualizations, memories, body mechanics, sensations and alignment to support a constantly flourishing understanding of dance for her students.

Catherine hopes her students receive insight, playfulness and enthusiasm from her work enabling them to develop their own signature style within their dance.


Because of Catherine's ability to interpret various dance styles coupled with her proficiency in revealing the unlimited nature of African dance an body mechanics, this makes her appealing to dancers of any genre or experience level.


My body is a tongue and all it wants is speak. It speaks many languages and has different accents. At time it is quite as it is also a good listener.

-Catherine Palmier

Your Private Escape Content

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The Private Escape is all about your mind, body, and movement so feel free talk with Catherine about the kind of work that you may want to do with her and be as broad or specific as you can.


What Catherine Enjoys Sharing

African and Afro Caribbean mouvement

Solo Blues


Franklin Method

Dance Coaching

Teacher training

SanaMove (only for returning participants)



How Much does it cost?  


..Not Much..


Prices’ list:

Lodging: $0 Catherine is inviting you to her place and that includes  breakfast.

If for any reason, you would like or need to stay elsewhere it is a possible option as there is plenty of Hostels, Airbnbs, and hotels nearby

Classes: per person $900 for 10 hrs hours of private classes

If you want to train with another person please ask for price.

Cleaning fee: $50 participants arrival and departure may happens on the same day and everyone is enjoy a clean room.


Other cost you should think of.



Your will be provided but note that lunch and dinner won’t.

Feel free to use the kitchen if you want to cook and if not there is plenty of restaurant nearby.

If you want The Private Escape to take care of all of your meals please ask for prices knowing that this option is not always available


Participants are responsible for their flights, transportation from and to the airport, and transportation on the island.


Studio fee:


Private escape would love for you to experience outdoor classes to challenge you to think your movement differently and to improve your flexibility however if you are not comfortable this you can have your classe in a studio.